ATLASOFCREATION.COM - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1ATLASOFCREATION.COMhttp://atlasofcreation.com disintegration of Turkey would mean the ruin of the Islamic world. This would not be like an ordinary country being broken into pieces; Turkey is the brain of the Turkish world. The death of Turkey would mean the death of the Turkish world. She is the brain of the Islamic world. The death of Turkey would mean the ruin of the Islamic world. (A9 TV; January 13th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 03:22:55 +0200If you tell those who are weak in faith to remain sleepless for the good pleasure of God, for serving Islam, they would fall down and faint; but if you tell them that you will give them a car they would remain standing for days without sleep. That is where we see the indignity, vulgarity and animalistic characteristics of the lower-self. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:42:51 +0200If one lets his lower-self be, it instantly causes trouble by acting animalistically. I mean it shows the characteristics of an animal. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:40:05 +0200The human body behaves like an animal when left to its own devices; one instantly gets hungry, becomes sleepy, gets afraid and acts selfishly. One should balance that animalistic aspect with faith and not let the body behave animalistically. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:36:22 +0200The Companions of our Prophet (saas) gave a struggle in the Path of God. But the hypocrites came up with many excuses saying 'their houses are exposed' or that they would have gone with them had they known how to give a struggle. However, if they were told that they would be given pouches full of gold if they went and struggled even though they didn't know how, they would have gone without hesitation. That is because it would have served their interests. Just like that, one's interests should be in showing good morality. One should replace gold, money with faith and good conscience. Otherwise one would become swinish. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:33:17 +0200In their twisted minds, hypocrites do not respect Muslims but feel an incredible respect for unbelievers and hold them in high esteem. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:29:58 +0200The Qur'an is a very pure Book and an amazing wisdom enwraps the Qur'an.(A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:27:18 +0200If one is insincere and dishonest, one tends to regard Muslims as polluted and unbelievers as vivid and brilliant. Everything becomes reversed in such minds. But when a Muslim looks and sees the existence of God sincerely - and one would instantly realize the existence of God when he is sincere and does not strain himself - with great clarity and with all His Glory, and instantly abides by the wisdom in the Qur'an. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:24:27 +0200If one is dishonest and insincere, one searches for denial. Such people look for that in books, in the internet, in anywhere they look. They try to find unbelievers. They have an admiration for unbelievers. They cannot forget their unbeliever friends from them their past and always imagine they will be happy with them around. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 02:21:52 +0200When we are honest and sincere, without any difficulty, we instantly realize the existence of the Great Power, the Creator, of God. But if one is insincere and dishonest, one tries to get into any evil or dark channel that could be found in order to deny the existence of God. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 01:52:20 +0200When there is rage, hatred, anger, lovelessness, lack of compassion and selfishness, it darkens the eyes, the skin and the tongue. One becomes unable to speak. Take notice of those who do not embrace love and you will see that they are incapable of speaking, that they can hardly utter a word or two. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 01:26:25 +0200Love settles in one's eyes and eyes become beautiful. One's glances become beautiful. Love settles in one's tongue, it makes one's speech beautiful. It settles in one's vocal cords, it makes one's voice beautiful. For instance, it settles in one's skin and the skin becomes beautiful because of that love. I mean it brings beauty and contentment to everything. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 01:22:49 +0200Free Internet for Low Income Families19 January 2016, Star From now on internet access will be free in houses. Sema Ramazano─člu, the Minister of Family and Social Policies, stated that free internet would be available to low income families. Mrs. Ramazano─člu: "In the coming days we will pass a law to make free internet acces... bedava internet 19 ocak 2016 star.jpgSun, 07 Feb 2016 01:17:44 +0200When you call on love, it instantly comes. Love is very easy. The moment love comes, it settles in the heart, in the mind. Actually love already loves man; loves God, consequently loves man. When love reaches one's mind, it gladdens one's mind. When love settles in one's heart, it gladdens the heart. And it instantly opens one's horizons. (A9 TV; January 12th, 2016)..., 07 Feb 2016 01:17:18 +0200Winter Plans and Migrant Policies with No SolutionArabic language international political news portal Sasapost publishes Harun Yahya article. /215836/winter-plans-and-migrant-policies /215836/winter-plans-and-migrant-policies, 07 Feb 2016 00:52:02 +0200Dealing with HatemongersOne of the leading Arabic daily newspaper of Saudi Arabia, Makkah Newspaper published Harun Yahya’s article on January 25th, 2016. You may read the article at the below link. /215831/dealing-with-hatemongers /215831/dealing-with-hatemongers, 06 Feb 2016 23:53:57 +0200What lies ahead for France New Straits Times daily newspaper published in Malaysia, published Harun Yahya’s article “What lies ahead for France” on January 27th 2015. You may read the article at this link. /215825/what-lies-ahead-for-france /215825/what-lies-ahead-for-france, 06 Feb 2016 23:17:35 +0200Double standards in the fight against terrorArticle 5 of NATO was first invoked following the horrifying terror attacks on September 11, 2001. NATO member countries accordingly regarded that terror attack as an attack on themselves and decided to act together as one. The question of terror, which had not been so much to the fore until that time, became NATO’s..., 06 Feb 2016 22:48:53 +0200Ethics, Humanity Fading Amid WarHarakah Daily is the daily newspaper published by Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) in Malay and also in English.You may read Harun Yahya’s article “Ethics, Humanity Fading Amid War” at its January 25th 2016 issue at the below link. /215820/ethics-humanity-fading-amid-war /215820/ethics-humanity-fading-amid-war, 06 Feb 2016 22:05:02 +0200A call for sanity: How the Quran-abiding Muslims view the Jews JSS News is an online and printed magazine based in the United States and it is the first French-language media dealing with the topics regarding Israel. JSS News publishes Harun Yahya articles in French. /215818/a-call-for-sanity-how /215818/a-call-for-sanity-how, 06 Feb 2016 21:38:41 +0200