ATLASOFCREATION.COM - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1ATLASOFCREATION.COMhttp://atlasofcreation.com Shiites Should Want Freedom for EveryoneReaders will remember that the winds of change caused by the Arab Spring affected all of the Middle East and North Africa, and reaching the gulf coast, took hold of Bahrain as well. With the wave of democratization caused by popular uprisings for reasons such as unemployment, inequality of income and political corruption, Shii..., 19 Apr 2015 01:23:33 +0300A 80 million year old rare frilled shark fossil found in Australia speaks against DarwinismRecently, reports appeared in the press stating that a prehistoric shark had been caught in Australia. Fishermen trawling near Lakes Entrance in southern Victoria hauled up a fish from a depth of 700 meters, one that resembled no fish they were familiar with. It resembled an eel in overall appearance and had 300 very sharp teet..., 18 Apr 2015 22:08:12 +0300Yarmouk cries for helpThe world of advertising is strangely self-contradictory. We are bombarded daily with commercials or ad films luring us to consume a variety of foodstuffs including different kinds of chocolates and other mouthwatering foods. On the other hand, the same channels of communication are used to offer us help against temptations, diet..., 18 Apr 2015 14:54:52 +0300The sickness of our age is not stress, but lack of trust in AllahStress is one of the greatest problems facing modern societies. It is a scourge that weakens people physically and mentally, makes them unhappy, apathetic and exhausted and even leads to diseases. This scourge is defined as a state of psychological tension that causes a person to have a negative view of life, a decreased love..., 17 Apr 2015 22:32:32 +0300Iran, Turkey and the future of the Middle East There has been a lot of changes after the Arab Spring. Dictators were toppled, new administrations formed, millions lost their lives and millions were displaced. Iran’s recent success with P5+1 negotiations, also added to the accomplishments of the country. Turkish President Mr. Erdogan’s recent trip to..., 17 Apr 2015 16:11:44 +0300Turkey Asks For Peace In Yemen, Not WarDespite its geographic distance, Turkey is closer to Yemen in comparison to many other Arabic countries. These bonds are rooted in history, and also feelings of religious brotherhood are the source of this affection. Turkey now has the opportunity to stand for its companion when Yemen requires it the most. The visits T..., 17 Apr 2015 16:02:29 +0300Why does the world ignore the Syrians’ ordeal?No one could have foreseen that the war in Syria would last this long or that it would have caused so much pain to so many people. 200,000 people have lost their lives, 9.5 million were forced to leave their homes, and 10.8 million are in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria. The nation has been so thoroughly destro..., 17 Apr 2015 15:33:33 +0300Europe Chasing a MirageEnglish, Spanish, and French magazine, based in Spain, MBC Times International published Harun Yahya’s article "Europe Chasing a Mirage" on April 14th 2015. You may read the article at the below link. /201544/europe-chasing-a-mirage /201544/europe-chasing-a-mirage, 16 Apr 2015 18:53:33 +0300Is PKK's terror really ending in Turkey?Daily Arabic newspaper Dhamir, published Harun Yahya’s article “Is PKK’s terror really ending in Turkey?” You may read the article at the below link. really-ending-in-Turkey /201543/is-pkks-terror-really-ending /201543/is-pkks-terror-really-ending, 16 Apr 2015 18:49:05 +0300Creation of Man from WaterBosnjaci Media Agency based in Bosnia publishes Harun Yahya articles in Bosnian. /201541/creation-of-man-from-water /201541/creation-of-man-from-waterThu, 16 Apr 2015 18:42:25 +0300Berlin Fossil Exhibition... /201539/berlin-fossil-exhibition /201539/berlin-fossil-exhibition, 16 Apr 2015 18:33:53 +0300The 'Eastern Question' Still Persists In based in Bosnia publishes Harun Yahya articles in Bosnian. 20jo%C5%A1%20uvijek%20prisutno%20u%20Evropi hercegovini /201536/the-eastern-question-still-persists /201536/the-eastern-question-still-persists, 16 Apr 2015 18:05:36 +0300A Handful of EarthInternational news website based in New York – USA, Rescue News, published Harun Yahya’s article “A Handful of Earth" on April 14th 2015. You may read the article at the below link. /201534/a-handful-of-earth /201534/a-handful-of-earth, 16 Apr 2015 18:00:15 +0300Operation Decisive Storm Brings not Stability but Death to YemenEnglish daily newspaper published from Pakistan, The Daily Mail, published Harun Yahya's article "Operation Decisive Storm Brings not Stability but Death to Yemen" on April 14th, 2015. /201532/operation-decisive-storm-brings-not /201532/operation-decisive-storm-brings-not, 16 Apr 2015 17:48:48 +0300Hirsi Ali and her errorsIndonesia's leading English-language daily newspaper The Jakarta Post publishes Harun Yahya articles "Hirsi Ali and her errors" on 12 April 2015. /201530/hirsi-ali-and-her-errors /201530/hirsi-ali-and-her-errors, 16 Apr 2015 17:45:09 +0300Red Terror raising its headArab News , the leading English daily newspaper published in Arabia, published Harun Yahya’s article “Red Terror raising its head" on April 11th 2015. /201528/red-terror-raising-its-head /201528/red-terror-raising-its-head, 16 Apr 2015 17:24:57 +0300Fossil Exhibition in Herveld... /201424/fossil-exhibition-in-herveld /201424/fossil-exhibition-in-herveldMon, 13 Apr 2015 18:23:52 +0300Fossil Exhibition in Nieuwegein ... /201422/fossil-exhibition-in-nieuwegein- /201422/fossil-exhibition-in-nieuwegein-Mon, 13 Apr 2015 18:16:16 +0300The Marvellous Construction that Begins in the EmbryoThe news portal based in Kyrgyzstan, Barakelde, publishes Harun Yahya articles. /201417/the-marvellous-construction-that-begins /201417/the-marvellous-construction-that-beginsMon, 13 Apr 2015 17:35:03 +0300The Extra-Ordinary Army of the Defense System: LeucocytesThe news portal based in Kyrgyzstan, Barakelde, publishes Harun Yahya articles. /201416/the-extra-ordinary-army-of /201416/the-extra-ordinary-army-of, 13 Apr 2015 17:32:42 +0300