ATLASOFCREATION.COM - Outlook to other Faith and Philosophies - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1ATLASOFCREATION.COMhttp://atlasofcreation.com, the Turks, respect peaceful, democratic communists, but will not accept those that resort to violence. (A9 TV; April 3rd, 2017), 23 May 2017 17:33:21 +0300A Muslim has common cause only with our Prophet (pbuh); not with communists who are hostile to Turkey and the Turkish nation. (A9 TV; March 31st, 2017), 22 May 2017 21:32:11 +0300For Muslims, it is our Prophet (pbuh) who sets an example for Muslims; not Che Guevara, Deniz Gezmiş or others. (A9 TV; March 31st, 2017), 22 May 2017 21:31:13 +0300The British deep state created both fascism and communism and then turned the whole world into a bloodbath by making the two sides fight. (A9 TV; March 26th, 2017), 22 May 2017 14:46:44 +0300Churchill was a racist and a fascist. He regarded Turks, Kurds, black people, Arabs and Indians as inferior races that should be annihilated.(A9 TV; March 25th, 2017), 22 May 2017 03:30:23 +0300The British deep state is the founder of both fascism and communism. Consequently it is the British deep state that founded and nourished Nazism. (A9 TV; March 25th, 2017), 22 May 2017 03:27:34 +0300We condemn the terror attack in London and extend our condolences to the British people. Terror and violence are products of the Darwinist, materialist ideology. We condemn all forms of terrorism. (A9 TV; March 22nd, 2017), 22 May 2017 02:36:28 +0300The Mahdi idea can be found in all ancient and divine religions. The Mahdi movement exists in all Books sent by God. (A9 TV; March 14th, 2017), 21 May 2017 02:39:18 +0300For years we have been saying that our Kurdish brothers would never embrace the Marxist, Leninist, irreligious ideology of the PKK. (A9 TV; March 8th, 2017), 19 May 2017 01:44:09 +0300Supporting the PYD, a communist Stalinist organization, is not a policy that befits the US. They should abandon such an attitude. (A9 TV; March 1st, 2017), 18 May 2017 02:20:50 +0300Palaeontology is a branch of science, yet Darwinism is a superstition. Darwinism would come to an end if fossils are taught in schools. There is not a single evidence to prove Darwinism. Darwinism is not science. They cannot make Darwinism accepted through demagoguery. Darwinism is a superstition that constitutes the foundation of communism and is a pagan belief. (A9 TV; March 1st, 2017), 18 May 2017 02:04:47 +0300Che Guevara had one of the walls of his study room demolished to be able to see the massacres he ordered while he was working.(A9 TV; February 27th, 2017), 17 May 2017 22:32:38 +0300Communism tries to create social justice by force. In Islam, people give away their wealth with joy and happiness. Social justice is attained perfectly in Islam. (A9 TV; February 16th, 2017), 15 May 2017 03:38:05 +0300Buddhism is a corrupt version of true religion. Acts of worship like prayer, fasting and giving alms exist in Buddhism, though in a changed form.(A9 TV; February 15th, 2017), 15 May 2017 02:07:29 +0300The philosophy presented under the name of ‘humanitarianism’ is also a philosophy the British deep state learnt from the time of the Pharaoh. A Muslim lives for God not for the religion of ‘humanitarianism.’ Every moment of one’s life is for God, not for the religion of ‘humanitarianism’.(A9 TV; February 11th, 2017), 14 May 2017 01:52:32 +0300Mr. Claudio Alessio, Italy, 02 May 2017 22:47:57 +0300Our Jewish Brothers and Sisters are praying for the coming of Moshiach (Mahdi), 01 May 2017 20:39:41 +0300Rabbi Mr. Mordékhai Chriqui is reading from the Torah, 01 May 2017 14:05:30 +0300Rabbi Mr. Mordékhai Chriqui and Mr. Avigdor Eskin is praying for the coming of Moshiach, 01 May 2017 12:21:16 +0300Marx and Engels were promoted by the British deep state, which distributed their books all over the worldExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 26th, 2016, 15 Apr 2017 00:15:42 +0300